Patents secured for game-changing water treatment science

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully secured two new patents with exciting promise for the world’s industrial water supplies. Adding to our growing suite of IP assets, the filed patents protect manganese and iron complexes capable of generating chlorine dioxide from chlorite salts.

The technology could be game-changing for a wide range of industrial water applications, where the activity and mobility of the catalysts may offer a major development in addressing mission-critical maintenance challenges. Bacterial contamination and biofilm formation can cause corrosion which reduces the efficiency of mechanical systems involving water. More efficient on-site chlorine dioxide generation can help combat these challenges and is a route our R&D team is currently exploring.

Processes involving chlorine dioxide are heavily relied upon in textile and paper mills, as well as in water treatment processes due to its antimicrobial properties. Our technology could potentially reduce the chemical load and deliver significant energy savings for a wide range of applications. We are exploring areas to improve efficiency where chlorine dioxide is already used but also in replacing chlorine or hypochlorite.

This is an exciting development that demonstrates our track record in turning a suite of catalysts into commercially viable platforms for positive change in industry. The new patents put us in a strong position to pursue strategic collaborations with potential industry partners across the water treatment space.

The announcement comes as the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has published an official statement confirming that the UPC should be up and running by December 2017.  The changes are expected to help reduce the costs and administration involved in filing patents which is a positive step forward for businesses driven by innovation.


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