Pulp & Paper

Working with the pulp and paper industry to improve its environmental profile

We appreciate the complex nature of wood pulp delignification, bleaching and paper modification.

We also understand the pressure both fully integrated and merchant mills are under to make their processes and outputs more environmentally acceptable in parallel to achieving cost savings.

Our experience in supporting different industries in achieving cleaner operations, and the obvious potential for our platforms to impact any sector with such a heavy reliance on chlorine-based bleaching, means that we’re in a strong position to create real value for our pulp and paper partner businesses.

For wood pulp bleaching, the use of our catalysts may lead to a reduction of bleaching temperature and/or increased brightness development. Peroxide activation can improve the effect of the delignification and bleaching stages and enable a reduction in the use of sodium chlorate in ECF (elemental chlorine free) processes, and performance improvement in TCF (totally chlorine free) mills. Temperature reduction offers the potential for energy savings and improved fibre strength.

Contact us to find out if we can explore together improvements in environmental profile and cost for your process.