Detergents & Cleaning

Detergents and cleaning are our past, present and future

We are synonymous with a suite of highly active, stable catalysts shown to perform in demanding industrial and consumer applications, where speed, energy consumption and performance criteria are critical.

These catalysts are well known to the market as WeylClean® MnTACN (formerly known as Dragon) and WeylCat® Pegasus, and their high performance bleaching at ambient temperatures have benefited warewash and industrial laundry uses for customers servicing hospitality and leisure outlets, institutions such as hospitals and prisons, and other large customer focused environments.


Catexel products have provided an optimum solution by presenting catalysts that offer active stain removal but reduce damage to dyestuffs and fabrics – at the same time as allowing further reduction of washing temperatures.

Importantly, these bleach-boosting additives are also shown to have a high level of compatibility with other chemicals used to enhance the performance of a chlorine-free end product, such as those providing good sanitising properties.

In selected applications, where iron-based complexes are used, comparable bleaching can be achieved without a peroxy bleaching agent. This observation supports research and development teams in formulating next generation stain removal technologies that no longer rely on TAED in such quantities, helping to further reduce the chemical load and offering lower temperature cleaning.

Learn more about the chemistry that makes our WeylClean® MnTACN, WeylCat® Pegasus and WeylClean® FeONIX platforms of special interest for industrial detergent and cleaning applications.