Reactions that improve major chemical processes

Our manganese ligand complexes have long been recognised in literature as highly selective catalysts for epoxidation reactions.

Recent commercial developments with key partners have demonstrated that these catalysts are capable of offering more than technical viability compared to chlorine-based oxidants. In combination with hydrogen peroxide, used under ambient conditions, we have been able to achieve high turnover numbers in addition to dramatic improvements in the environmental profile of a number of major chemical processes.

In one recent, high volume process the sustainability of the WeylClean® MnTACN catalysed process has driven water consumption down by more than 90%, reduced chlorinated waste by 50% and increased yields by a further 10% – culminating in manufacture unit cost savings of up to 20%.

And there are many more epoxidation reactions capable of benefiting from our highly active catalysts, waiting to be discovered.

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