Existing Markets

Evolving technologies in existing markets

Stain removal technology is where it all started. Now, after more than a decade of research and development, our catalysts’ superior and more sustainable bleaching capabilities have been capitalised on, in a number of market sectors. For the treatment of raw cotton in textiles, the delignification of pulp and modification of paper in merchant mills, and industrial detergent and warewash products for commercial cleaning applications.

What’s more, lateral thinking has led us to many more, seemingly unconnected solutions, that have been borne from our deep knowledge and understanding of oxidation catalysis. The use of our iron and manganese systems as paint drying additives in alkyd resins is a case-in-point.

Wherever our technology is at play, tangible benefits are being realised. Whether that’s through saving water, significant reductions in chlorinated waste or the softer benefits of a better handle product in the textiles arena, oxidation catalysis has pioneered positive change in many industrial processes and can do much more. Even in our existing markets we never stop innovating.