Our Partners

Collaboration underpins the Ecosystem

We are a technical, commercial and supply chain partner to multinational corporations. Our community has been handpicked and heavily audited to ensure an ecosystem that respects the complexity of the product, the importance of our IP position and the sensitivities of working in heavily regulated industries.

Our partners in industry

We work with market leaders in their sphere of expertise to trial, develop and deliver breakthrough technologies. These strategic partnerships are the product of an aligned way of working with the concept of open innovation at the core. Together we make processes faster, cleaner, safer and absolutely suited to the application and operating conditions – thus leading to commercial gain from firm foundations.

Our ambassadors in academia

We’re admired for our ability to advance scientific progress in a commercial context. Our strong links with academia are testament to the rigour of our chemistry and approach. With our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Ronald Hage, mentor to PhD students at the University of Groningen, and previously with various universities in the Netherlands, Germany and US, we are highly active and highly respected in both worlds, where our credibility with collaborators is opening up opportunities in inorganic chemistry and in industry all the time.


Contact us to understand the game-changing possibilities our technologies present for strategic collaborators seeking exclusive research and development opportunities.