Our Networks

Security of supply

Custom synthesis is a highly complex, IP protected process. Finding the right manufacturing partners with the right technical competence, manufacturing assets and proven respect for IP is an absolute priority.

The operational knowledge to search, source, audit and develop a network that can provide all of these takes a deep understanding of the technical, commercial, contractual and regulatory implications.

We pride ourselves on our manufacturing capability via carefully selected partners. We work with them to ensure quality assurance, regulatory compliance, accuracy of delivery and forward planning ensuring that we’re able to support rapid growth as our technology is adopted for new applications.

With all major regional jurisdictions having chemical registration systems and many more regions preparing to implement systems within the next few years, regulatory freedom to operate is vital. We lead registration processes but employ external advisors and together work with manufacturing partners and customers to gain regulatory approval.

Take a virtual tour of our Ecosystem and see how it helps us to lead the way on supply chain matters, of which manufacturing is just one important part.

Learn how our network provides…

  • Global manufacturing capability.
  • First class regulatory support.
  • Secure storage and distribution set-up.

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