WeylClean® FeONIX

First discovered in 1999 for its capability to bleach food oil stains with air in detergents, this versatile complex was found to perform well as a cobalt soap replacement in alkyd-based resins and is now being further developed for use in adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

Through the activation of alkylhydroperoxides, the radicals work by bleaching the stain or conferring radical-induced coupling of alkyd resins – depending on the peroxide activation application. These processes are paralleled in adhesives and sealants.

Used at low dosage levels, WeylClean® FeONIX is still among the most active of all catalysts in the current library, helping to accelerate radical chain reactions with peroxide and oxygen.

Download the product data sheet for more information on WeylClean® FeONIX’s main performance characteristics, properties and in-use considerations.

Download the product data sheet

Download the WeylClean® FeONIX Case History