WeylClean® MnTACN

First developed for its excellent stain removing properties in detergent and automatic dishwash applications and then branded as Dragon, this powerful oxidation catalyst can be harnessed for a range of additional industrial applications such as dye bleaching in wastewater and chemical synthesis.

WeylClean® MnTACN’s strength lies in its high selectivity in polysaccharide processing, such as starch modification, making it the perfect catalyst for use in dishwasher tablets and industrial warewashing.

It also demonstrates a powerful affinity for alkenes, underpinning its real value in the substitution of chlorine-based oxidation technologies in a range of industrial chemical processes.

Download the product data sheet for more information on WeylClean® MnTACN’s main performance characteristics, properties and in-use considerations.

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Download the WeylClean® MnTACN A product data sheet

Download the WeylClean® MnTACN L product data sheet