Catalysts and Compounds

Market leading technology and game-changing ideas

We develop, make and sell catalysts, accelerators, activators and related compounds to create unique solutions to complex industrial challenges. Combining in-depth scientific expertise and commercial acumen has enabled us to unlock the potential of our product platforms, and the associated extensive libraries of IP protected catalysts, ready to be used in, or developed for, large-scale industrial processes.

Our catalogue of high-performing products encompass a series of iron and manganese based complexes and their source ligands, that enhance reactivity in both inorganic and organic peroxide systems, increasing the rate of chemical oxidations at lower temperatures and in cleaner processes. As well as being highly active and stable, our platforms display excellent selectivity and provide the basis for controlled, optimised processes, offering successful conversion of many different substrates under benign conditions.

Leading global players have already leveraged our technologies with our guidance to streamline and improve industrial processes, make the composition of end-products more desirable and deliver cost-in-use benefits.

See how our capabilities support our new product development in catalysts and compounds and allow us to introduce cleaner, safer, faster and more cost effective ways of working.