IP Protection

Recognised IP

With a library of thousands of catalysts exclusive to Catexel, our IP is constantly evolving. Access to such a large collection of ligands and complexes combined with renowned expertise makes us best placed to identify potentially valuable ideas across a wide range of business areas. Already this technology has led to innovation in the coatings, detergents and textile markets, with a significant number of other areas of application under development.


Intellectual assets are at the core of our business. Establishing an extensive patent portfolio has been critical to our scientific success, allowing us to support the development of innovative products while protecting potential new applications.


Our level of know-how on oxidation catalysis has become a growing asset, without which we couldn’t have progressed so far with our research and development.

Widely recognised by academic and researchers in the field, this knowledge continues to be the foundation for being able to think laterally and predict trends and results in industrial applications.

Through continually pushing the boundaries in the field, we have built a bank of technical and summary reports from our team of experts, creating a central reference point for researchers and helping to ensure positive change in the future.

Our intelligence has already led to some ground-breaking discoveries in the form of WeylClean® MnTACN, WeylCat® Pegasus and WeylClean® FeONIX. Through the development of these catalysts, we have leveraged our decades in research and development with a range of intellectual assets:

  • 22 patent families
  • 3400 compounds that could be exploited to develop new catalysts/new applications for the future
  • 2300 technical reports generated for future researchers to access and leverage gathered intelligence for ongoing innovation
  • 5 commercial product platforms already encompassing 14 catalysts, accelerators and activators for immediate testing and adoption