Our Legacy

We are catalysts for change

Through chemistry and collaboration, we strive to affect positive change for both the businesses we partner with and the planet we share.

Our interests may be commercial but they’re firmly rooted in finding solutions that support progress and champion the greater good.

We know change is challenging. But external pressures may dictate a different way of doing things, or technology may simply present better – more efficient – ways of performing industrial processes.

Whether it’s enabling textiles companies to make energy, water and cost in-use savings, replacing hypochlorite and reducing AOX in waste water, or using bleaching catalysts to achieve high performance industrial cleaning at ambient temperatures, we’re always proactively looking for the next big thing that could make a big difference.

But we can’t do it alone. We work with Chief Technology Officers and in-house research and development teams to create chemistry that is capable of positive change and commercial adoption, making the change happen.

Broad market reach

Here’s how, alongside our client businesses, we’ve already made a world of difference to industry’s ongoing sustainability, health and safety, regulatory and cost efficiency concerns.

  • Industrial detergents and cleaning: Low temperature cleaning and stain removal at speed is supporting the global hospitality and institutional operators to achieve improved cleaning efficiency and tough environmental goals
  • Textiles: A novel low temperature bleaching process for cotton, offering 80% energy savings for textiles auxiliary houses, a reduction in caustic soda consumption by 30%, reduced water consumption and increased asset utilization leading to 15% lower processing costs and a more benign bleaching technology

Intellectual Assets

Here is how our intelligence can be leveraged for many more decades of research and development to come:

  • 22 patent families
  • 3400 compounds that could be exploited to develop new catalysts/new applications for the future
  • 2300 technical reports generated for future researchers to access and leverage gathered intelligence for ongoing innovation
  • 1750 ligands and complexes available for testing in new and developing industrial applications
  • 5 commercial product platforms already encompassing 14 catalysts, accelerators and activators for immediate testing and adoption