Pioneering next generation paint technologies

We’ve enjoyed unprecedented success in the coatings sector, where our ligands and complexes have been used in paint-drying systems to support a cobalt-free position, while retaining a high performance end product.

Traditionally used as a primary-drier in all-purpose performance coatings, cobalt is coming under increasing regulatory threat in Europe and beyond. All our technology platforms have the potential – depending on application – to address the technical and commercial implications this imposes for alkyd resin-based formulations, in particular. These products require the addition of driers (or siccatives), for which cobalt has long been used. Now, the ever increasing pressure on paint makers operating in the 20% of the circa. €100bn global coatings market this segment represents, is driving research and development into more environmentally acceptable alternatives that can replace cobalt and help create market stand-out.


We have been a leading technology partner in coatings’ ongoing challenge surrounding cobalt replacement from the start.

Our breakthrough FeONIX technology was one of the first formulations to succeed in offering a commercial long-term solution for manufacturers of alkyd-based resins. Read the story behind this milestone development here. Download our latest technical resources for the coatings sector here.

Moving forward, we know that to be market-leading means continuing to explore all the possibilities and Catexel continues to lead the way as an innovator in the cobalt-free space. As well as leveraging the potential within our current Dragon and Pegasus platforms, we’re starting to exploit entirely new complexes that hold exciting possibilities for the coatings sector, which will be brought to market under the Taurus and Sirius product brands.

Explore the proven potential within our existing Dragon and Pegasus platforms for a wide range of solvent and water-based alkyd resins and high solids systems.

Find out more about our new development technologies Taurus and Sirius.

Contact us to understand the game-changing possibilities these platforms present for strategic collaborators seeking exclusive research and development opportunities.

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