A core part of Catexel’s ethos is the importance of collaboration; in order to grow and develop ideas, you need the creativity and knowledge of others. By working with your wider network and fusing ideas and skills, it becomes easier to discover solutions to challenges and drive innovation.

Valuable collaborations do not always have to come from industry peers. We are a member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) and I recently reached out to them to help facilitate a translator for a last minute meeting in China. The meeting was with a long-standing customer located at Xiaoshan Economy & Technology Development Zone, Hangzhou, and was one I couldn’t miss. However, lacking the ability to speak fluent Chinese, I was in desperate need for a trustworthy and skilled translator in China – not something you tend to have on speed dial.

Having developed a good relationship with the team at GMCC, most recently taking part in their STEM education programme, I decided to give them a try, figuring they would have the experience to provide some advice. The Manchester team facilitated an introduction to the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, who put me in touch with Nihao Global, an independent company whose blend of local and international knowledge about business and management was just what I needed.

The translation service was perfect and I would certainly use them again in the future. I would highly recommend any business in need of support or advice to get in touch with its local Chamber of Commerce office.

Conducting successful business meetings abroad can be challenging – respecting unfamiliar local cultures and overcoming language barriers while trying to discuss projects. However, The sound knowledge of the chamber’s staff and breadth of their professional network, both home at around the world, is invaluable to any British business hoping to grow in new markets abroad.

Thanks Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, I’m sure I’ll be in touch again soon!

By Liz Manning, Business Development Manager at Catexel.

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