Pursuing positive change in support of coatings’ cobalt challenge

The challenge of replacing cobalt for the global coatings market remains and paint makers need more options in the face of regulatory reform.

To support the alkyd coatings market in understanding the opportunities and challenges in the search for a cobalt-free future, we are pleased to share a selection of resources that provide insights on the latest technical, regulatory and commercial developments.

Opportunities in coatings’ quest for going cobalt-free

Our two-part paper explains how R&D and the supply chain can support the requirement for fully optimised systems that satisfy commercial, operational, sustainability and corporate responsibility concerns.

First, Catexel CTO Dr. Ronald Hage presents a mini review of progress in developing Mn and Fe catalysts as potential siccatives in search of cobalt-free formulations. Then, part 2 invites comment from Dr. Hugh Gibbs and William Weaver on:

  • Key market challenges and predictions
  • Relative pros and cons of current cobalt alternatives
  • Crucial developments to-date
  • Likely future innovation sources

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The true cost of not going cobalt free

As regulatory and economic factors converge, the pressure on the coatings industry to commit to going cobalt-free is mounting.

As global demand for the metal threatens to outstrip supply – hiking up prices and likely restricting availability – going cobalt-free is no longer a complex matter of, chiefly, corporate social responsibility concern.

In this article, Catexel’s CEO, Paul Smith, considers the potential implications of recent market events for paint makers.

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Novel manganese and iron accelerators for alkyd curing

The possible reclassification of cobalt soaps as carcinogens under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation has initiated the search for cobalt alternatives and resulted in the discovery and increased use of other metal based driers.

Our technical paper ‘Novel manganese and iron accelerators for alkyd curing’ explores two recently discovered classes of ligands that, in combination with a transition metal, give good alkyd curing, showing promise as a replacement for cobalt.

Watch Dr Ronald Hage speak at ECS 2017

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